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Published: 29-06-2017

The database is indexed to our unique ontology of more than 5,500 PRO instruments, which we have compiled from those tools that have been cited in the abstracts contained within the database. Of these, we have currently identified over 70 that are designed to assess general pain, with others that measure pain in specific diseases.

In the ontology, we have identified the various acronyms and alternative names for each tool as synonyms, as far as we are able to tell from the article abstract, so that  users can search for any of the known variants of each instrument. You can find the abstracts where these tools were cited by searching on the dashboard as follows:

Disease: All diseases or no specific disease

Study type: PRO studies

Instrument: (select the instrument you are interested in)


The general pain assessment instruments in our ontology in June 2017 are as follows.

  • Adjectival Pain Rating
  • American Pain Society (APS) Satisfaction Survey
  • Brief Pain Index (or Brief Pain Inventory, BPI, BPI-PS, BPI-SF; or Breve Questionario per la Valutazione del Dolore (BQVD)
  • Centrality of Pain Scale (COPS)
  • Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ)
  • Chronic Pain Assessment Questionnaire
  • Chronic Pain Coping Inventory (CPCI-42)
  • Chronic Pain Experience Inventory (or Chronic Pain Experience Instrument-Headache)
  • Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire (CPGQ, or Graded Chronic Pain Scale, GCPS)
  • Chronic Pain Questionnaire
  • Chronic Pain Self-efficacy Scale (CPSES)
  • Coping with Chronic Pain Questionnaire
  • Daily Pain Rating Scale (DPRS)
  • Dallas Pain Questionnaire
  • Descriptor Differential Scale
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Studium des Schmerzes questionnaire (DGSS)
  • Descriptors Of Pain Effects (DOPE)
  • Edmonton Classification System for Cancer Pain
  • Faces Pain Scale
  • Functional interference scale of the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI-FI)
  • German Pain Questionnaire (or German Pain Diary)
  • Health Care Providers Pain and Impact Relationship Scale (HC-PAIRS)
  • Hispanic Pain Experience Questionnaire (HPEQ)
  • ID Pain
  • Initial Pain Assessment Tool (or Memorial Pain Assessment Card)
  • Inskip Scale
  • International Pain Outcomes questionnaire (IPO)
  • Inventory of Functional Status-Chronic Pain (IFS-CP)
  • Izbicki pain score
  • Kiel Pain Inventory (KPI)
  • Korean pain VAS
  • Lattinen index
  • Mainz Pain Staging System (MPSS)
  • McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ, MPQ-DLV, SFMPQ, or McGill-Melzack questionnaire; or McGill-Melzack scoring system; or Questionnaire Douleur de Saint-Antoine, QDSA)
  • Million Visual Analogue Score
  • von Korff Scale (or Modified von Korff pain score, MVK)
  • Multidimensional Pain Inventory (or Multiphasic Pain Inventory, MPI)
  • Multidimensional pain locus of control scale
  • Numerical 11 point box (BS-11, BOX-11)
  • Oxford Scale
  • Pain and Impairment Relationship Scale
  • Pain Behaviour Checklist
  • Pain Beliefs and Perceptions Inventory (PBAPI)
  • Pain Catastrophising Scale
  • Pain Coping and Cognition List (PCCL)
  • Pain Description List
  • Pain disability index (PDI)
  • Pain Disability Quality of Life Questionnaire-Spine (PDQQ-S)
  • Pain Drawing
  • Pain Effects scale
  • Pain Experience Scale (PES)
  • Pain Impact Questionnaire (PIQ-6)
  • Pain Management Index
  • Pain Management Questionnaire
  • Pain Numeric Rating Scale (NRS, PI-NRS, or Pain Intensity Numerical Rating Scale, or Pain Intensity Numerical Scale, PINS, or Verbal Pain Intensity Score)
  • Pain Self-efficacy Questionnaire (PSEQ)
  • Pain Severity Index (PSI)
  • Pain Stages of Change Questionnaire (PSOCQ)
  • Pain Vigilance and Awareness Questionnaire
  • Pain-O-Meter
  • Pain/Discomfort Assessment
  • PainDETECT Questionnaire (PDQ)
  • Patient Pain Questionnaire
  • Patient satisfaction with pain medication questionnaire (SPM)
  • Present behavioural intensity (PBI)
  • Present Pain Intensity Rating Scale
  • Psychological Inflexibility in Pain Scale (PIPS)
  • University of California and San Francisco (UCSF) pain service questionnaire
  • Urinary, Psychosocial, Organ Specific, Infection, Neurologic/Systemic, Tenderness of Skeletal Muscles system for chronic pelvic pain (UPOINT)
  • Vanderbilt Pain Management Inventory
  • Widespread pain index (WPI)
  • Wisconsin Brief Pain Survey (or Wisconsin Brief Pain Questionnaire, WBPQ)
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Pain Score