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Published: 02-05-2017

Our Evidence Maps save you time and money in finding relevant citations for model parameterisation or value dossiers, identification of evidence gaps, and for early business development planning.

We use the indexed content of to generate the Evidence Maps using pre-programmed categories, with additional categories added manually as part of the bespoke service by medically qualified experts experienced in health economics and outcomes research. The Evidence Maps are displayed as an interactive Excel workbook, with users able to display the studies by each topic or field of interest in turn.

Evidence Map of PRO tools in skin cancer


Each cell in the table shows the  number of relevant abstracts identified for that subcategory, and users can easily access the relevant citations cell by cell.

Evidence Map PROs in skin cancer citations

Each Evidence Map is based on one or more of the major study types available within

  • Costs and resource use
  • Economic models
  • Mortality
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes

The content of each Map is sorted by a series of pre-programmed categories available within, some of which are generaliseable to all maps and others relevant to just one major study type. Each map can be displayed using one or all of the relevant pre-programmed categories, as follows:

General categories

  • Publication date (from 1960, usually displayed in 5-year groups from 2000 onwards)
  • Geographical location (by country)
  • Disease area
  • Intervention
  • Population (age groups, ethnic groups)

Costs and Resource Use studies

  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs
  • Resource use
  • Treatment patterns
  • Adherence

Economic modelling studies

  • Cost-benefit models
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Cost-utility modles
  • Other economic models and analyses

Patient-Reported Outcome studies

  • PRO instruments
  • Validation studies
  • Utility studies

 Other bespoke categories can be added by agreement, for example modelling perspective for an economic evaluation, type of PRO instrument (general, disease-specific, comorbidity, caregiver, work-related etc.), or mortality rates or trends for a particular disease.

Free sample Evidence Maps:

We have generated a number of free sample Evidence maps that are available to anyone who wants to see more:

  • Costs and resource use studies in cystic fibrosis, 1960-2016. Download a free copy here.
  • Economic models in dementia, 1960-2016. Download a free copy here.
  • Indirect costs in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, 1960-2016. Download a free copy here.
  • PRO instruments in pulmonary arterial hypertension, 1960-2016. Download a free copy here.
  • PRO instruments in skin cancer, 1960-2016. Download a free copy here.

To find out more about our Evidence Map service, please email

Costs and timelines

Although development of all our Evidence Maps is overseen by medical graduates with experience in Health Economics and Outcomes Research, the content is based on our automated indexing of abstracts, and we have semi-automated the production of the Maps themselves. This means that we can offer our Evidence Map service at very affordable rates within rapid timelines.

A standard Evidence Map based  only on pre-programmed categories, will usually be delivered within 1 week of receiving a signed quotation form confirming the order. Evidence Maps that include bespoke categories may take a little longer to deliver, but timelines will be confirmed at the time of ordering the Maps.

Costs of the service are based on the number of study types requested for each Map, and by the number of relevant disease areas or interventions.

  • One disease area or intervention, one study type: £5,000 (ex VAT), for example PRO studies in hepatitis C, Economic models of infliximab
  • One disease area or intervention, two study types: £7,500 (ex VAT), for example Costs and resource use plus Economic models for pancreatitis
  • One disease area or intervention, three or four study types: £10,000 (ex VAT), for example PRO studies, Costs and resource use plus Economic models in multiple sclerosis

You can now use the Evidence Mapper site to test out your search until you're happy with the results, then order an Evidence Map of  the final search results. Try it out for free here

To discuss more complex maps involving multiple disease areas or interventions, please contact or call +44(0)1375 488020.